A Second Chance at Birth

I was (understandably) anxious as I awaited the birth of my daughter two and a half years ago. I’m sure most mothers-to-be feel the same way… it doesn’t take much thought to realize that 10 centimeters is not a generous enough opening for eight or nine pounds of baby.

Ladybug was apparently very cozy in the womb and needed an eviction notice (in the form of pitocin) to get her moving after two extra weeks in-utero. I had spent pregnancy dreaming of my water breaking in public, or my husband driving at warp speeds in the wee hours of the morning to the hospital– I had never dreamed of being induced to labor.

Labor wasn’t bad– especially after having an epidural! But delivery was looming ahead of me. It got closer each time they pronounced me further dilated. As much as I dreaded delivering a human vaginally, it is, of course, the ideal way for humans to arrive here on planet earth, so I was resigned to the inevitable. My daughter, however, was not.

After unsuccessfully pushing for an hour and a half, the doctor announced that he thought we needed to proceed with a C-section.  (Ladybug was stuck and her heart rate was doing weird things.)

Being a “C-section” mom of two (I had another C-section to bring forth my second child), has its pitfalls. I get raised eyebrows and questions each time I announce that I delivered my babies by Cesarean. I am doomed to have major surgery each time I’m pregnant. I have a battle scar stretching across my abdomen. (It nicely compliments the stretch marks, in my opinion!)

This week I’ve been pondering birth and spending time in reflection on the way the Lord chose to send us a Savior. In some ways I mourn the birthing experience I wasn’t able to experience with Ladybug or Stinkbug, but in my heart I know this physical birth is not the most important birth.

With all my being I hope that my children experience a “re-birth” in their lives. The second birth I pray for my children is an idea that dates back to Jesus’ life here on earth. Jesus told his friend, Nic, that a man must be “born again” to enter the kingdom of God.

What I really desire for Bug and Little Man is that they be born again in a spiritual sense.  Re-born into new life in Jesus Christ.  Accepting His forgiveness for their sin, and believing He alone can atone for it.

That’s the birth that really matters.

3 thoughts on “A Second Chance at Birth

  1. Lovely post.

    I have had 3 c/sections – first for pre-eclampsia, and 2 subsequent ones by choice.

    Just last month, my youngest child made a commitment to Jesus, and asked him into his life, so now all 3 have, which is wonderful.

    Our minister joked with me that my work on earth was now done! (hope not!!!)

    Hoping and praying for your kids too.

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