Two and a Half

My goodness the two and a halfs are wearing me out!

I didn’t so much mind when Ladybug turned t-w-o, but lately (now that she’s two and a half), I have so many moments of feeling so lost in mothering.  What am I doing wrong?  Why is she acting like this?  When will it stop?


And then she asks if I will play Memory with her…

Or grins up at me and bats those long eyelashes around those beautiful blue eyes…

Or grabs my hand in the grocery store and squeezes…

Or cuddles up on my lap while we’re watching TV…

And I find myself thinking Maybe two and a half isn’t so bad after all…

3 thoughts on “Two and a Half

  1. How Sweet…
    You know I took a class one time that talked about brain development, and the Dr. said that every six months the brain gets a “wash” of hormones. (hence the birthday and half birthday breakdowns) And that the two largest amounts of hormones the body releases are between the ages of 2 1/2-3 1/2 and then again during puberty. No wonder these poor things act like they are crazy! They have all the hormones of a teenager and no life experience to teach them how to handle them. I try and remember this in my “mental” moments! Hope it helped!

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