It all started Wednesday when Ladybug announced to me that she ate a hair clip.  (She sounded proud?)  I told her (again) that only food goes in our mouth and not to do that again.

Hubby was a little more concerned than I was (I’m really working for that Mom of the Year, right?), so he called our pediatrician back in the States.

Thursday night Ladybug started complaining of her tummy hurting, but it was right at bedtime so we weren’t sure if it really hurt or she was just trying to get out of going to bed (the story of our lives lately!)

I layed down in my bed with her to scratch her back and urge her to sleep.

Hubs spoke with a neighbor and decided we really needed to take her to the doctor– about two minutes after she had fallen asleep.  I wasn’t sure since we still hadn’t heard back from the doctor in the States (stupid lunch hour), and then she was sleeping peacefully.  We were discussing when I heard an awful retching sound from my bed.

And again.  And again.

In a flash her clothes were off, she was wiped, and redressed.  Stinkbug was thrown into a neighbor’s arms.  I got Ladybug’s coat and hat on.  Neighbor came to the door telling me to stay with Stinkbug.  But they were beckoning me downstairs.  I couldn’t understand that they were saying, but I was being motioned, and told about ten different things in the local language and English (from Hubs).

I just wanted to cry.  Both my babies needed me, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

I ended up going to the neighbor’s and Stinkbug was calm as soon as I picked him up,  I was ushered into their family room.  I sat there for a few minutes but realized I had left my cell phone upstairs, so I came home in case Hubby needed to get in touch with me from the hospital.  I think the neighbor family didn’t want me to be alone if I needed company– that was very thoughtful of them.

After Ladybug was x-rayed and the doctors pronounced that she will be OK and the hair clip will pass on its own (and she threw up a few more times at the hospital), she came home to spend the night throwing up here.  My momma heart was so broken for her in her pitiful state and I was reminded of how our Heavenly Father is compared to a momma hen in Psalm 91:

He will cover you with his feathers.

He will shelter you with his wings.

His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

When I have done something stupid (like swallowing a hair clip), or am sick and pitiful, my Heavenly Father wants to tuck me under His wings, much like I tucked Ladybug under mine last night.  It was a long, rough night, but I’m her mom.

And as much as she has worn me out lately with bad decisions, bad behavior, and bad attitudes, I would never deny her the spot underneath my feathers.

7 thoughts on “X-rayed

  1. oh my goodness–that xray is CRAZY! how scary that must have been–and truly how helpless you must have felt! i pray it passes on its own SOON so she (and you!) can have some relief.
    what a blessed comfort to remember the grip our Father has on His children.

  2. Oh my, what a night!! On another blog I follow (Whatever), her daughter swallowed a watch battery yesterday, so I'm not sure what's so intriguing about metal and little girls right now. I'm glad you got her all taken care of 🙂

  3. Hurts to look at that x-ray. I know you are hurting b/c your little one is. Praying things resolve SOON and without more trouble.

  4. I love the illustration and the way the Holy Spirit used His Word to strengthen you and provide vision for the sacrificial love we have the honor of displaying as parents. Precious.

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