Rock A Bye

Many times lately I’ve had an almost-three-year-old having a fit of a time settling down for her afternoon nap.  Ugh!  I find myself getting so impatient with her when she won’t just lie down and S-L-E-E-P!  If only she knew that in twenty years she will be daydreaming about midday snoozes…

This afternoon, I gathered her into my arms and settled into the cozy chair in her room.  She doesn’t fit in my lap quite like she used to– her legs hang down beside my legs, and her arms shift a lot before she tucks them comfortably between us.  We sat there in silence, we sat there we two… and within a matter of minutes I hear a soft, contented sigh as she drifts off to sleep.

Needless to say my agitation disappeared and I soaked her in.  Those enviable eyelashes laying gently on porcelain, white cheeks.  The smell of baby shampoo mixed with the scent of the bubblegum lollipop she ate after lunch.  Her big (and yet still so little) body laying against me, completely relaxed, completely rested.

Sometimes I forget that my big girl is still such a little girl.  I’ve walked her into ballet class and left the room.  I’ve stopped needing to take her to the bathroom and lift her onto the seat.  I don’t always have to help her get dressed or undressed.  She is so big.

But as I held her this afternoon, I realized she’s still my baby.  She just needed mama to rock her into sleep.  Ahhhhhhh, such sweet joy– these days are rushing by me too quickly.

Ladybug 2008

Ladybug 2009

Ladybug 2010

3 thoughts on “Rock A Bye

  1. That brought tears to my eyes, because I am missing her so much and I feel like she will be grown and I won’t have been a part of her life as I wish. But thankfully she is in my heart and so are you. MOM

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