The Magic of Summer

I don’t like summer.

I don’t like to be hot. I don’t like to sweat. I hate when the air conditioners have to go on because that means it’s hot out. I am not an avid beach-goer. It’s just not fun to be covered in your own salty liquid, have your hair look like crap ten seconds after you leave the house, and feel like you need to shower every other hour.

But there is something about summer lately.

It makes me want to push the kids’ bedtime back to nine o’clock because before that it’s not dark yet.

It makes me want to eat ice cream cones with my family every evening.

It makes me want to sit beside a pool or the ocean and watch my kids explore the sand, the water, the magic of summer.

I’m not sure what happened to me since I became a mom, but there is something magical about summer.

And it’s growing on me.

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Summer

  1. I have always loved summer. It was the one time I felt I could let the house go and just hang out with my kids. There was time to clean when school was back. Enjoy the time with your kids and make memories.

  2. I really like the top photo of the distant empty chair/table set ups over the forefront one

    as if to share, I share some things in common, but want to keep away from you or I experience them in a different way

    it’s a fun but moody image

    excellent work

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