Momfess the Mess

Mom, look away!

This is my house.  This is my house on pregnancy.  

It feels good to show you how my house looks right now.  Like, a load off my chest– my house is kinda a wreck!  There, I said it!

Actually my life feels like a wreck, in only the way a life does when you’re 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  And uncomfortable.  And unmotivated.  And grumpy.  And tired.  And sleepless.  And weepy.

I’m not sure if I was like this at the end of my other pregnancies.  I’d like to go ahead and assume I am feeling extra pregnant this time for a few reasons:

  1. I have a preschooler and a toddler.
  2. I live overseas and daily tasks take a lot more time, energy, and brainpower (my brain feels burnt out on my second language!)
  3. This is the third time my body has swelled to epic proportions in just three and a half years.

I’m not complaining.  OK, maybe just a smidgen… I know there are women who would give an arm to feel every second of 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  As much as I am drained and ready to be un-pregnant because I’m miserable, I am totally stoked when I think about holding Dooodlebug, dressing him in baby blue, snuggling a sweet little newborn, introducing him to his siblings…  {sigh}  If only I could fast-forward a wee bit and get to the good stuff!

Since I am mom-fessing the state of my house today, I must also brag a little bit.  This morning I made cinnamon rolls for the family and cut up fresh fruit for a delicious breakfast, I let the Bugs paint for our preschool art time this morning, and I cooked a lunch for the kids and myself that did not include peanut butter or jelly.  So, I’m not a total mommy loser!

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