Nesting Phase One

So, I already gave you a peek at the “before” in the kids’ room:

Clearly, I mean before we knew how to pick up toys.  And put baby clothes in a respectable location.  I plead insanity…. I mean, pregnancy.

Tonight Hubby took me dresser shopping for the kids’ room.  It was the needed push to get the Bugs’ room straight before Doodlebug arrives on the scene.  Baby clothes are put away, we have a changing table, and we picked all the toys and books up off the floor.  Not that they’ll stay that way forever (or even until tomorrow morning…)


So, at least one thing in my life is in order.

4 thoughts on “Nesting Phase One

  1. I actually loved Nesting Phases because it made me get my house in order! The kids’ room looks awesome!!! 🙂
    p.s. Noticed the boppy cover- I have the same one!

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