What they didn’t tell me…

…when I got pregnant. (And then got pregnant again.  And again.)

  • You can’t just go buy maternity clothes when your belly pops, and expect it to be as easy as that.  There are actually “stages” of clothes that you will need to make it until birthday.  The first stage being I-can’t-button-my-normal-pants.  Moving right along you have the Look-I-have-a-belly-isn’t-it-cute? maternity stage.  Followed by the It-is-getting-tough-to-pull-any-pants-over-my-hips-and-thighs-why-did-I-drink-that-milkshake? stage.  And soonly you arrive at the I-will-wear-these-sweatpants-in-protest-until-this-baby-exits-my-body-or-I-die-because-this-sucks stage.  Don’t spend all your budget on the first stage, you’ll wish you had some clothes that fit later.
  • Indigestion, insomnia, hemorrhoids, cankles, squished and shifted organs, not being able to shave your own legs or paint your own toenails…
  • Remember when you thought you were fat back in high school and college?  You’ll spend the rest of your post-baby life wishing you looked like that again.  And wondering why in the world you thought you were fat.
  • You won’t feel any smarter or better at mommy-ing the second (or third) time around.  There’s always something new to throw you for a loop.  And not only are you doing the newborn thing again, your first (and second) child(ren) is still growing/changing/experiencing new stages.  It becomes this awesome, confusing, uncontrollable circus juggling act and you’re the one who’s supposed to keep all the balls… I mean… kids, up in the air doing their thing.
  • A gracious, loving Heavenly Father is waiting to guide you through every twist and turn.  Your children are safe in His arms because He loves them even more than you do.  He is patient, kind, loving, forgiving, merciful, and tender.  He gives only good gifts.  And He’s always there…
Ladybug {3 years} & Stinkbug {22 months}

Doodlebug {36 weeks}

5 thoughts on “What they didn’t tell me…

  1. Oooh, how I laughed at your description of the maternity clothes stages of pregnancy! I am 24 weeks (or so, I lose count sometimes) with my 4th child, and at the ‘why did I drink that milkshake?’ stage of maternity clothing. And still, I find myself consuming more than my fair share of desserts and sweets. Speaking of which, I feel a desire for some more candy corn…after all I only had one handful!

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