Having a degree in elementary education, I know one of the early signs of literacy is when children “read” a book, basically retelling the story from memory. This morning, I was amazed as I watched Ladybug “read” two books. Turning page by page and telling the story– sometimes paraphrasing what was happening on the page, and sometimes repeating phrases from the story word-for-word. (She has kinda “read” books like this before, but today she stopped on each page and very clearly told every part of the story!)

I was marveling over this fact (although a normal milestone reached at a normal age, it feels awesome to watch my child learning and growing!) to Hubby when he said, “You know she started drawing people now, right?”

Ladybug said this is Prince Charming


Ladybug said this is her, the Princess

I think it’s funny that Hubby and I are both former educators– it makes our children’s milestones much more scientific. Of course, this is another completely normal milestone– drawings beginning to take recognizable forms, but it feels so cool to watch Ladybug becoming this amazing little person. (Who can now draw cute little people with arms and legs sticking right out of the head.) *gush*

I think my favorite part of having multiple kids is the fact that something exciting is always happening around here. Pretty soon we’ll be oohing and ahhhing over newborn antics (you know it’s so fun to track the progression of their poop!), but at the same time we have Stinkbug saying new words everyday and learning how to climb onto the top bunk (and sometimes falling off the ladder and giving his mommy a heart attack), and we have Ladybug starting to draw distinguishable forms and show early signs of readiness for reading… it’s a blast!  It’s busy, but I am loving every sleep-deprived moment!

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