Thanks Giving!

One of my favorite holidays is rapidly approaching!  Even more so for me because we’re eating next Monday!  And I’m cooking the turkey. Holy Moley, what was I thinking?!

I was telling Hubby the other day that I don’t feel old enough to be cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Does anyone else feel like that?  I know I’m an adult, and I have adult responsibilities (hello?  Three kids!) but I don’t feel like an adult sometimes.

Will I always feel that way?

Anyway, I’ve been researching turkey… anyone else cooking a turkey for the first time this year?  I’ve seen what the Pioneer Woman has to say, I’ve checked with Alton Brown, and it seems that doing something called a “brine” with your turkey is the way to go.  Who knew?  (Certainly not me because I goggled “brine” after I read their recipes!)

So, I will be attempting to brine my turkey this weekend.  That is assuming I actually find a turkey at the store tonight.  (Oh the joys of overseas living!)

I looked back to see pictures of the past few Thanksgivings and remembered that although I adore taking pictures, I often enjoy a holiday/event/thing and realize afterward that I didn’t get out my camera.  So all I found was Thanksgiving 2008– Stinkbug was a newborn!  Looking at the pictures made me realize how much Doodlebug looks like Stinkbug!

And Ladybug kissing her baby brother– she’s always been a super big sister!  (OK, is it just me or does Stinkbug kinda look like a grumpy old man in this picture?)

So, for the sake of the grandmas, I will try to remember to get out from behind the brined turkey and pick up my camera this Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Thanks Giving!

  1. My roommate Carrie and I had to work at Thanksgiving when we were in seminary so we didn’t get to go home…Nobody believes us, but we ended up making the BEST turkey! So have fun with it and I hope (1)you FIND a turkey and (2) it’s extra yummy!

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