Just Bein’ Honest

I’ve been a blogger since I got married in 2005, and I’ve been posting here at Momfessions since 2008.  I’ve had some absences and spells of blogger’s block… and I’ve had two children since Momfessions was born.  And I have come to need this place so much.  I need somewhere to vomit my confessions, some place to brag on the funny things my witty children say, and to show off my amateur photos.  There’s nothing fancy or polished about this blog, and that’s the way I like it.

I feel like so much of the blogosphere as of late has become scientific and political.  I just want a place to document this journey.  To tell it like it is.  To giggle and make you giggle.  To cry and make you cry…

When my kids are off at college and I am wishing for the good ol’ days of changing diapers and feeding children (all.day.long), I want to come to my cozy little corner on the Web and laugh and blubber as I look at the pictures and read the stories and remember what a circus it really was over here at the Momfessions house.

I have so much to say, but a lot of days no adult to say it to.  And then when I’m around real live adults, I feel like baby smiles, toddler talk and preschooler mishaps aren’t so important anymore.  (I mean, they are important to me but in the grand scheme of things, they probably don’t matter much to the other adults in my life.)  I’m here in the day of small things.  I do change diapers and make food all day long.  My idea of art appreciation is to hang Ladybug’s stick figure drawings up on the fridge.  To feel fashionable when I go out, I change into an un-spit-up-on shirt.  If I were to cook a gourmet feast fit for a king, I’d have noses turned up and be asked where the mac ‘n’ cheese was.  Some may call that drudgery, I call it dailyness.

It isn’t always easy.  It isn’t always fun.  It’s definitely not always pretty!

Today I actually told Ladybug, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something real to cry about!” (Can you believe I really, truly said that?!)

Today I took my kids to the playground, not because it’s a beautiful day, but because I wanted them to run around and get tired so they would take a good, long nap this afternoon.  (OK, admit it, you’ve done this too!)

Today I watched Stinkbug pick his nose and didn’t stop him because I was too tired to get up and help him use a Kleenex.  (This is really gross, I know…)

I don’t know where this post is going… maybe I want to say I’m not apologizing for what you see on Momfessions.  I am showing you my life.  And it’s not as much for you as it is for me.  To remember these days by.

And just now it took the kids about 4.765 seconds to fall asleep when I made them lie down for nap.  {sigh} I love the playground.

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