…you just need to put on your tacky fun Christmas socks, put your feet up, and drink hot chocolate!

I feel like I am really enjoying this Christmas season!  Usually I feel like we eat our Thanksgiving meal, I blink, and then it’s Christmas morning!  This year the Jesse Tree stuff we’re doing with the kids is helping me anticipate Christmas Day– and Jesus’ first arrival on earth!  Honestly, I haven’t finished half of my Christmas shopping, I haven’t baked a single Christmas cookie, and I feel OK about that.  I guess when your priorities about the holiday are right, the presents and the baked goods and all the other “stuff” doesn’t seem so important!

I’ve been drinking homemade hot chocolate this week, so get out your favorite holiday mug and mix up some hot chocolate powder for yourself!  (I add a spoonful of instant coffee to my mug to, wahla— a mocha!)

Hot Chocolate Powder

  • 2 parts powdered milk
  • 2 parts Nesquick
  • 1 part coffee creamer
  • 1 part powdered sugar

Use 1/4 to 1/3 cup of this mix per mug and add hot water.

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