Life A Mess

I don’t know about you, but I put so much pressure on myself this time of year.  There are cookies to be baked (by me), presents to shopped for and purchased (by me), stockings to be filled (by me), parties to be hosted (by me), pictures to me taken (by me)… Do you see a trend?

Honestly, if I skipped baking cookies or hosting parties, no one but me would probably care.  And then I wouldn’t feel like I feel this week.

How do I feel, you ask?

Why yes, those are cookies I was attempting to bake while juggling a preschooler, a toddler, and a newborn.

(Apparently what I thought was shortening, was not.  It must have been more like butter.  It’s always hard to tell when you live overseas– nothing is as it seems.)

It’s not just the cookies.  Hubby has had extra work responsibilities surface this week, Ladybug accidentally locked herself in the bathroom earlier in the week and I had to call Hubby home to get her out, friends dropped by for a visit unexpectedly, I am back to taking lessons and formally studying the local language this week, I am trying to get the shopping finished since we’ll be out of town next week, and I am hosting two holiday parties for friends.  It just feels like my plate is so full (and not just with messed up cookies!)

Here I just told you I was relaxing and enjoying the holiday season, and then I flipped out when I realized it was the middle of December and I wasn’t “ready” for Christmas!  Ugh, I am so frustrating to myself!

Oh well, what can you do but pour yourself a cold glass of milk and enjoy the ugly cookies that you most certainly can’t serve anyone else?

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