January: We welcomed 2010…

February: The kids and I took a little trip to the big city where I introduced them to Krispy Kreme, like any good mother would.

In March: We found out Doodlebug was on his way to join our family, and Nana and Pop came to visit us in our new home.

April: Ladybug’s BFF came to visit!May: Grammy and Papa came to see us!June: Ladybug turned three!July: We traveled to the States and ate lots of Chick-fil-A!August: Aunt E got married!  Ladybug and Stinkbug were in the wedding. (And they were just plain adorable too!)September: Ladybug started attending a local preschool four mornings a week.October: We celebrated one year of being in our new home overseas and we welcomed Doodlebug to our family!

November: Stinkbug turned two!December: We celebrated Christmas as a family of five!

Good-bye 2010!

Welcome 2011!

One thought on “2010

  1. Sheila, I love your year in review. Looks like 2010 was
    full of good things! I think I will try to look back at 2010 and
    also find all the momentous occasions. Thanks sweet lady.

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