New Year

Wow. 2011. Whodda thunk it? I’m having trouble believing
last year is over. And that ten years have slipped by me since 2001
(the year I graduated from high school). I don’t have time for
resolutions really. I wasn’t doing that great with all the stuff I
was doing in 2010, why would I add anything to the mix in
OK, maybe that’s a negative Nelly way to look at
the new year, so here are a few thoughts I do have about 2011:

  • I’d like to read some books.
  • I’d like to write.
  • I’d like to take
  • I’d like to see some new
  • I’d like to create some new
  • I’d like to lose weight. (Hello? I’ve
    had three babies in three years, and that’s all I’ll say about

Really specific and
inspiring, eh?
Probably my biggest
desire in the new year is to be a Yes Mom. So often I find myself saying
no to my children. Can I play with play-dough? Can we go
ride bikes? Can I help you make cookies? Can we put up the tent?
Can I splash in the puddle?
A lot of times the things my
kids want to do don’t make for neat, clean fun. Play dough leaves
crumbs everywhere, markers mark the table, paint gets on little
hands, mud and grass stain clothes. Usually the activities they
love take some time and effort on my part. To go to the park, or
outside to ride bikes, I have to get everyone dressed and ready and
diapered (or pottied) and it’s a 30 minute
process ordeal to get out the door. Most of
the time, their “fun” doesn’t fit into my schedule. I have to stop
what I’m doing and do something else… Do you see how selfish this
all sounds? It is, it definitely is. (But being selfish seems
easier, neater, cleaner, and less energy-sucking!) But I don’t want
to be selfish. So in 2011, I am going to try to be a Yes Mom.

What are your
goals for 2011?

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