The poop continues… and other bathroom-related events.

I know I said I wouldn’t talk so much about poop so much again, but poop and boogers and farts and snot are just the daily grind around here. (And anyways poop is just following stalking me this week.)  For example, at the playground Friday, Ladybug was digging around in some sand and discovered a pile of (what I can only assume was) cat poop.  (I didn’t investigate much farther than the brown smears on her hand and the surprised look on her face that accompanied a suspiciously poopy smell.)  I will not attempt to describe to you the horror that was my face when I realized what had happened.  I held the offended hand straight up in the air and marched both kids home to wash off the poop.

And during our worship time on Sunday (which was thankfully at our house!) Doodlebug blew up another diaper outfit.  There was poop from neck to toe.  I exaggerate not.

And Stinkbug brought some of his underwear to me today when I asked him to pick out some clothes.  (Apparently he thought that alone would suffice?)  I told him he could try to wear the undies, but after two pee accidents, he’s back in a diaper this afternoon.

And lest you be worried about Ladybug and her tummy… she called me to the bathroom after lunch today and asked me to wipe her and said, “Don’t worry it’s normal poopy, mommy.  It’s not coffee poopy anymore.”  {sigh of relief}  Hopefully we can steer clear of coffee poopy for the rest of the winter!

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