This mom gig is a little exhausting.

I would tell you all about how tired I am from waking up three times last night to nurse a sweet, cuddly baby, chase after an adorable, active little boy, and keep up with all the drama my little princess creates, but let’s not and say we did.

I just drank a Pepsi and ate a candy bar. It feels so good to digest a little junk while the kids are napping. Like my own little mommy guilty pleasure. As much sugar and caffeine as I consumed, I’m not feeling un-tired. Maybe I need a nap.

Really that’s all I can muster today for the ol’ blog today.  Note to future self when you look back and see what was happening when you had a three and a half year old, a two-year old, and a three and a half month old… YOU WERE ALWAYS TIRED.

Wanna just pretend this was an informative, comical, notable blog post? Mmmmk, thanks, bye!

(Check back tomorrow for another Mid-Week Momfessions carnival, and plan to play along!)

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