Random Schmattering

  • Someone found my blog this week by searching for “glycerin suppositories”… Just made me giggle.  I hope you found what you needed, friend.
  • Doodlebug is (mostly) back to his regularly scheduled pooping regimen.  Everyone in the Momfessions’ house is relieved.  We don’t need any extra poop-drama.
  • Speaking of poop-drama… one of my children came up to Hubs and I the other day with POOP on his hand.  While the mess was being sorted out by one parent and the other parent giggled uncontrollably in the bathroom and offered minimal assistance (I’ll let you guess who was who…), this child (who shall remain nameless…) put his hand in his mouth.  As gross as that is, I still love him enough to kiss him.  A mother’s love, for sure.  Yes, folks, we certainly have enough poop drama to keep us busy.
  • Onto other important things… we’ve been battling “the crud” this week.  It’s an official diagnosis.  (One I self-diagnosed because that’s cheaper than paying someone else to tell me.)
  • I won a Kelly Moore camera bag on Twitter! Seriously, how fun is winning free stuff?! (And I apologize to any of my followers who I might have ticked off by my retweets, but hey I WON!)  Which Kelly Moore bag would you have picked if you had won?
  • Sometimes I amuse myself with how many () and … I can use in one post.  You’re welcome.
  • I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day.  It’s not a super important day to us, but it’d be fun to have some fun traditions associated with the day… what do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • And finally, to make this post worth it, here they are, the stars of my life, my three snuggly little valentines:

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