Stinkbug’s First Day of School

When Stinkbug came home from his first morning of preschool, he ran towards me saying, “Hi Mommeeeeee!  Cars at school!!!!”

He's ready to go!
Two Bugs ready for school

I asked him what else he had done at school and he said, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeat!” and he said he ate “dewce!” (juice)  His big sister told me he actually drank a salty yogurt drink that is popular here and they ate pide, which is very much like pizza.


On our way!


I asked Stinkbug if he liked school and he said, “UH HUH!” and nodded his head yes.


At school!
Putting on his slippers at school


I asked if he was ready to go back to school tomorrow and he said, “Go school tomorrow, yea.”

Watching Mickey Mouse as the kids arrived

I think it was a successful first day of preschool for our second little bug.

Now, what in the world is Mommy gonna do with only one Bug during my mornings???

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