My $1000 life

Last night I was lying in bed, bone-weary, listening to the snores deep-breathing of my husband, but unable to fall asleep. (Ugh, isn’t that the worst?!) I pulled up an article on my iPod, and was immediately encouraged and challenged.

Go read it at Raising Homemakers: Spending Your Thousand Dollar Life.

Lately, 2 Corinthians 12:15:

I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls

has been on my heart as I think about parenting, and I loved how the author of this article described my life so succinctly. I have a $1000 bill that represents my life. I have laid it on the altar… Send me overseas, Lord! Give me a husband to love, support in ministry and make a home for! Give me children to raise for your glory! Easy peasy– I could easily hand my $1000 bill over to Him and be done with it.

But what I’m finding is that God didn’t want my $1000 bill. He wants every bit of my offering, but instead He asks for a nickel here, a dime there, a quarter today and a dollar tomorrow.

Puddles on the floor from little boy in undies: $.25

Baby who wakes twice a night to nurse: $.50 (for each night-time feeding session)

Daughter having trouble obeying, needing constant correction and training: $1 per day

Picking up the toys (again) before Hubby comes home: $.01

Washing a load of dirty (read: nasty) cloth diapers: $.25

Rocking a snotty-nosed baby, so he is able to sleep: $.10

Taping a book back together after it was destroyed by little hands: $.05

Wiping a poopy bottom: $.05

Cooking dinner even though I’m too tired to stand up: $1 per meal

Greeting a neighbor and asking how she is: $.05

Inviting a friend over because she’s having a hard day: $.50

Sharing a Scripture with someone: $.25

I’m finding it’s much harder to give my $1000 to God in this way. And then when I read 2 Corinthians 12:15 again, I’m doubly challenged because so often I don’t do these things gladly.

I don’t gladly change diapers and pick up toys everyday. It’s hard to gladly cook dinner and clean up pee puddles. I have a hard time gladly disciplining and gladly reaching out to a neighbor (because I’m tired and I’m grumpy). I don’t want to gladly wake up twice a night to feed my baby (I would prefer to gladly sleep all night).

This great illustration has challenged me to get on my knees before the Lord, and re-offer my $1000 to Him daily. To let Him know that I’m ready to give it, whether He wants it in hundred-dollar bills, or in pennies. And then to humbly ask Him for the grace I need to give it to Him gladly.

One thought on “My $1000 life

  1. I LOVED this article you linked and your expansion of it as well. Thanks Shelia! This is definitely a new practical take on my days that I will be taking in prayer to the Lord. I struggle so much in being faithful and joyful in the small things at home…this is a great tangible challenge me. 🙂

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