This is how we roll…

We spent the weekend living the glamorous hotel life: Eating from a serious buffet, sleeping on a bed of luxury, watching Dora and Mickey Mouse all day long, swimming in a (cold) pool (BRRRRRR!), eating from the buffet again…

And the last picture sums it up so well…. Vacation is fun, but vacation with kids ain’t no “vacation”.

(Except for the hour and a half I spent in the spa at Hubby’s insistance, that my friends was the “vacation” that will carry Mommy through the year. Well, at least the week…)

2 thoughts on “This is how we roll…

  1. That last sentence (“vacation is fun, but…”) is why we gave up hotels a while ago… so much easier (in my mind, anyway) to just buy convenience food for a week to cook and live in a rental house/villa for the vacation. Plus, in our experience, it often comes out cheaper! Hotels just aren’t set up for family use… particularly young families who have nappers mid-day and such.

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