My 28th Birthday Wish List

I realize I’m not four, so it’s probably not necessary to make a wish list for my birthday… But Ladybug has been walking around the house with a pad of paper and pencil every other day and asking me what I want for my birthday (and I would be touched that she knows it’s almost my birthday except that she also asks what I want for Christmas) and then scribbling furiously on her paper.

I will turn 28 on Thursday, so as long as I’m still OK admitting my real age, I figured it’s be OK to admit what I really want for my birthday.

  • Comfy flats that aren’t black or brown. Like these Privos, aren’t they cute in gray or green? I like these from Kohl’s too, in the mushroom gray color.
  • Books. I really want Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, The Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, Tsh Oxenreider’s Organized Simplicity, Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage… and any other books that would come highly recommended about marriage, home-making, parenting, being a christian woman, or great (clean!) fiction!
  • Springy and summer-y clothes. I feel like I get so bored with what I wear! I am loving the open front springy cardigans that have some flow to them– like this –’cause I feel like those are very forgiving with my…ahem…mommy middle.
  • A beautiful, artsy clock for our bedroom wall.
  • Brightly colored, fun-smelling spring and summer candles.
  • Some time alone for me. Maybe a coffee. Perhaps a bubble bath. Some time in a good book. Maybe out shopping solo. No real plan, just a few hours alone with myself would totally rock. (Says the pulled on, spit up on, peed on, tugged on, yelled at, pooped on, sat on, jumped on, talked to, demanded of mommy of three.)
  • Cake.
  • A happy husband at home all day, a sparkling clean house, and pleasant, obedient children.

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