Date with Mommy

Yesterday, I took Stinkbug on a date with Mommy. He is such a special little man, and being stuck between a (dramatic) big sister and an (adorable) baby brother can be tough sometimes, so we want to make sure Stinkbug gets plenty of time and attention too!

I remember being so scared when the technician in the small, dark ultrasound room announced that baby #2 was a boy. I knew nothing about boys!

I still feel scared as I creep into his room long after bedtime and kiss his soft, sweet cheek and whisper prayers over him. I still don’t feel like I know anything about raising boys up to be godly men!

After our date, we walked up to the gate outside our apartment building and I asked Stinkbug if he would open the door for me (since I was carrying four grocery bags). He ran gladly ahead and swung the gate wide and said, “I open ’cause I a man!”

2 thoughts on “Date with Mommy

  1. How did he know that’s what a man does? Because he’s seen his Daddy do it! And THAT’S how you raise boys to be godly men. They watch every move that Daddy makes! And Stinkbug’s got one very excellent model to watch!

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