Moving… De-cluttering…Re-arranging…

I’ve been moving.
So, if you’ve run into some of my dusty mess here on Momfessions, please forgive me.
I know why people pay other people to do their blog dirty work– because it’s dirty work. And complicated, and not user friendly (if the user is like me and knows zilch about computers and the interwebs.)

It’ll take me a little while to get everything the way I like it– and I’m still waiting for my “naked domain” ( to direct traffic over here to (I totally giggle every time I talk about my naked domain…)

As much as it stinks to sit here at the computer for hours on end writing code, troubleshooting, redo-ing and re-designing, it sure feels good to be cleaning up the place. I feel like a regularly scheduled maintenance is a good idea in every area of life.

My house needs to be de-cluttered, reorganized and shaped up every once in awhile (I mean how many junk drawers can one house contain?!) and when I let too much time pass before paying attention to problem areas (my closest, entryway closet, drawer in entertainment center, medicine and toiletry cabinet), handling these things becomes a really big, overwhelming job!

My heart needs overhauling and re-working pretty regularly too. It usually comes about through conviction from the Word and the Holy Spirit and takes much work to root out sin I have let take up residence and “clean house”! If I neglect regular maintenance of my spiritual life, I feel distant from the Lord, and often take my frustrations out on my husband and the Bugs.

Where do you need to show some TLC today? Maybe it’s time to tackle a junk drawer or a sin problem in your life that you’ve been avoiding?

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