Whose Bad Habit?

This morning, I asked the kids to put their PJs in the PJ drawer. Simple enough, right? I proceeded to watch both of them run down the hallway, stop at their bedroom door and toss their PJs in.

I hollered at them that they needed to pick up their PJs and put them in the PJ drawer.

Then I walked into the kitchen shaking my head and said to Hubby, “What is with our kids and throwing their clothes in the middle of their room?”

He looked at me sort of incredulously. I think he was probably thinking of this:

That might just be my bedroom floor. And the clothes I tossed there last night when I was getting ready for bed. Oops.

I felt really dumb and silly. If my kids have the bad habit of tossing clothes on the floor, they learned it from me. What other bad habits have I unwittingly passed along to my offspring?

(It can be a really overwhelming/depressing thought.)

Today, I’m gonna start by putting my clothes in the closet when I’m done with them. And I’m going to try and remember that little eyes are always watching… always imitating.

One thought on “Whose Bad Habit?

  1. Ugh! Hit me square between the eyes, why don't you!? 😉 There are lots of bad habits I know I am passing along “unknowingly.” Thanks for the reminder of little eyes watching and learning!

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