Random Schmattering

  • When to a kid’s birthday party with Ladybug this afternoon and I am happy to report that The Chicken Dance is international. Whew. (I know you are relieved.)
  • It figures that the night you decide to “sleep train” your baby (for the record, we are NOT using any cry it out type of method…), he will start running a pretty high fever. I guess maybe the better point to make would be: life does not go as we plan it to. (Not since kids, anyway.)
  • There really is nothing more disgusting than realizing you washed a load of laundry with a piece of poop. There really is nothing more to expound upon here.
  • A sweet, sweet friend sent me this Desiring God article today. Can I just say, “Yes and Amen.”? Check it out here: Motherhood is a Calling
  • Happy Weekending! Would you rather have a weekend spent out doing really cool things with your family, or a weekend spent at home just relaxing with your family?

One thought on “Random Schmattering

  1. A sweet friend of mine sent me the same article. 🙂

    And since we stayed in and relaxed all last weekend and this Saturday morning is super rainy and we're already getting cooped up…I'd say I'd rather do fun activities with the family. 🙂

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