More poop than you would ever care to read about.

Someone found my blog this weekend by Googling “kid pooping underwear”. I’m sorry that they probably didn’t find any helpful information here because MY KID IS STILL POOPING IN HIS UNDERWEAR.
Really. I am not sure how this is supposed to go. With Ladybug it was easy- she had the promise of a shiny, new toy, and she started pooping and peeing in the potty. Easy. Done. Potty-trained.
Not so with Stinkbug. One day he poops on the floor right in front of the potty. Then he poops in his underwear. Then he poops in his diaper and finishes in a new diaper. I already told you that poop ended up in the laundry which I am still having nightmares about. This morning I cleaned poop off the bottom of Ladybug’s foot which sent me on a hunt to find poop on the couch and on the floor in the living room. I am not sure if it was Stinkbug’s or Doodlebug’s poop, but it doesn’t really matter who pooped, what matters the most is that MY CHILDREN SONS ARE IN A POOP CONSPIRACY AGAINST ME.
I thought I would reason with the potty-training child:
Me: Stinkbug, does it feel good to poop in your underwear?
SB: Yes. (and he continues playing)
So, no dice on the reasoning.
I made a cool new sticker chart to encourage pooping in the potty, so he could earn a toy. Nope.
I have tried to bribe with candy, even upping the ante to two lollipops if he will just poop in the dang potty. No luck yet.
I can’t say I’m surprised. Stinkbug has always been a pooper–as evidenced here by a blowout which resulted in a bathtub full of poopy water and pajamas thrown in the trash:

I’m sure one day as I fret about curfews and driver’s licenses and girlfriends and colleges, I’ll miss these days of fretting about poop. And that thought makes me smile… and almost makes me feel grateful for these poopy days.

3 thoughts on “More poop than you would ever care to read about.

  1. I feel as if I am reading about my own experiences with my son! We went through the same poop time line, except my son's poop would burst out the top of his diaper. Standing, sitting, laying…it didn't matter. It would all go straight up his back, ruining many onesies and outfits. When it came time to potty train, he got the peeing part down but for the LIFE of me, we could not get the 'pooping in the potty' part. I tried everything. Everything except one suggestion I refused to try. One day, I came across an article and was at my wits end with poop so I thought, 'well at least I can say I tried everything.'
    We had what I call a 'potty training retreat weekend'. The method: bare bottom training. Essentially, your child walks around with no pants, underwear, or diaper on. I thought this idea was bogus but I could also tell that my son didn't recognize the signs that he had to poo until it was too late.
    I partitioned off the living room and covered everything with old sheets and blankets. Filling the room with books, puzzles, toys, and a potty chair I proceeded to allow my little boy to play bare bottomed in this section of the house. I started first thing in the morning because he was and still is a morning pooper. The first time he pooped on the floor, we talked about what it was, where is came from, and where it is supposed to go. (He actually started screaming because he was afraid of it.) The second time we talked about how poop goes in the potty. The third time cleaning poo off the floor, I really thought of giving up but by Sunday afternoon, something miraculous happened…my son pooped on the potty. My biggest fear was that he wouldn't know to poop on the potty unless his pants were off. This was not the case. Even with his pants and big boy undies on, he continued to identify the signs he needed to poo and knew what to do.
    I'm sharing this because understand you current relationship with poop right now! I hope your bathroom battle ends soon, know matter what it is that finally triggers the 'poop in the potty' concept! Best wishes!

  2. OH MY!!! So I'm thinking to myself, “I sat on that couch, tickled those feet, and will be babysitting those little darlings later this week!”

    Let's not do chili the night we babysit!


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