The Beginning: Part 2

The Beginning: Part 1

I was ready to adopt, Hubby was ready to adopt. It was time to let our families know.

Living overseas puts us in a weird predicament when breaking news to people we love. Do we call? Skype? Email? Snail Mail? Facebook? Tweet it? Blog it?

We decided to compose a letter letting our families know of our plans…and emailed it out.

February 5, 2011
Mom & Dad,
      We wanted to share some news with you, and to save you from dropping dead from a heart attack on Skype, we thought we’d send you some warning first!
      We are starting the process to adopt a little girl.  Adoption has been on Sheila’s heart for a long time, and yesterday Andrew took a day away to seek the Lord specifically in the area of adoption for our family and we are now ready to proceed (though we are prepared for the process to take 1-2 years).
      Here are some reasons why we are choosing to adopt:
  • So we can better understand our own adoption into God’s family.
  • To show that our family is undeniably pro-life by rescuing a life that was born and not aborted.
  • So that we can give God the glory when He provides the resources needed for the adoption of a little girl.
  • To bring a life into our home to share everything with, especially the Gospel of Jesus.  To raise another child to be a lover of God and a disciple of Christ.
  • To save a little girl who would otherwise live a life of poverty. To give her a home, a hope, a future, a family.
  • To set an example (for God’s glory) to other believers that caring for the orphan and the widow is true, undefiled religion and is necessary for followers of Christ.
  • To open up spiritual conversations with unbelievers about why we choose/chose to adopt.
You have loving supported us in everything we have ever done, even when it was hard and costly for you, and for that we are so grateful.  We hope you will be our biggest cheerleaders through the adoption process, and that you will pray for and love our daughter just as you have Ladybug, Stinkbug and Doodlebug.
We love you!  Call us today!

Big news always seems a little more official after you tell someone. And our families are great big news-getters! They have exclaimed and laughed with joy after each pregnancy announcement, and the adoption announcement was no different!

Truly, I don’t think there exists parents who more dearly love, support, and encourage their children than ours. They are straight from God and an absolute joy to call Mom and Dad (and Mom and Dad!)

So, now someone else knew. It was time to take the next step.

To be continued…

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