The Beginning: Part 3

The next step for us was to seek counsel from godly people in our lives. We asked many people who know us to affirm this call on our family, to speak about any concerns they had/have, and to share godly wisdom and advice they may have about adoption with us.
And we continued to pray.
This season ended up taking six months which we know is simply a glimpse of the rest of the process. The theme of international adoption seems to be: Hurry up and wait!

We reached the six month point of waiting and praying on August 4, 2011, and felt like the Lord was giving us freedom to move ahead into researching specific country programs and adoption agencies, and gathering paperwork for our homestudy. We don’t know much more than that right now. It feels like every time one question gets answered about adoption for our family, two more pop up in its place!
I can tell that this adoption process going to stretch me (as a fairly impatient person!) and as much as I dread playing the waiting game, I am confident that the Lord knows our adoption process. He isn’t sitting here beside me looking into a dark, foggy future, He sees the end! He sees past the tears that will be shed, the sleepless nights that will be spent, the prayers that will be uttered, the anxiousness that will be experienced, the elation that will be felt, the discouragements that will rise, the Scriptures that will be quoted… He sees Lovebug home. And even special-er in my mommy heart, He sees Lovebug now. (Wherever in the world that is!)

So, of course our story is “to be continued”… but for now, you’re mostly caught up. We’ve barely dipped our toes into the middle of the story… so we wait as anxiously as you to see the next part unfold in God’s timing.

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