Boys are (kind of) easy

Tomorrow is a big day- we’re celebrating a certain little bug’s THIRD birthday with an all boy party.

When asked, he knew exactly what he wanted: to go to the zoo and see the snakes and the lemurs, eat hot dogs, play ball with his friends, and eat cupcakes. Easy. He doesn’t even care what kind of cupcakes I make. Very easy.

Today I was browsing Christmas clothes on-line… the boys will be happy in plain red waffle T-shirts from Old Navy. Six bucks a piece and they can be dressed for the holiday. Done. (I spent three times longer looking for something for Ladybug… and it costs three times more.)

Boys can pee outside easily if they need to.

They are completely happy if you keep them fed and let them hold the remote.

Boys have significantly less clothing options and by default care much less about what is covering their bodies causing much less drama during the morning hours when mommy can’t possibly drink enough coffee for drama to be acceptable.

They don’t cry (much) when they get hurt. They’d rather get back up and play.

Picking presents for boys is easy- if it has wheels, shoots Nerf ammo or makes bodily noises, it’s a winner.

So… potty training boys= harder. Everything else= easier.

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