Mary, where’d you go?

Notice anything unusual about our nativity?

We can’t find Mary anywhere!
I’m sure Mary was a good mom, but she was human. She probably felt like running away sometimes. 
That thought gives me comfort. 
As much as a love my children, and would give my life for theirs without a second thought… I’ve brought all this baggage to motherhood with me. My sins, my shortcomings, my selfishness and it doesn’t take much to bring those nasty, ugly parts of myself to the surface. Often, I find myself wanting to run away from it all.
Thankfully, there is a place I can always run. 
In the presence of the Lord, I find compassion unending, mercies anew, and more grace than I deserve. He washes me clean from sin’s blackness, and bandages my wounds with His healing words. He mends my aching heart and gives me courage to keep going.
Are you like our Mary today? Tired and ready to run away? Take heart and run to the One who wrapped Himself in flesh and came to be “God with us”. 

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