More on Christmas Contentment

I wrote yesterday about changing Christmas by seeing our selfishness, materialistic tendencies and lust for more during the Advent season, as sin and desiring severance from it.

Today I read the most beautiful and frankly-stated article by Jen Hatmaker called The Christmas Conundrum. If you are a Christian parent, will you take ten minutes and go read it today? Make yourself a cup of apple cider or (insert other wintry beverage of your choice here) and open your heart to the ideas that Jen shares about this time of the year as believers.

Pictured: Our Jesse Tree this year was so easy (and cheap!) that you could do it too.
We use the Devotional Guide by Ann Voskamp (It’s free to download!)
I printed the book and bound it, printed the ornaments and backed them.
I picked up sticks outside (free again!) and stuck them in a $3 vase– wahla! Jesse Tree is done.

I’ve also been hearing great things about Truth in the Tinsel, a guide for Advent for toddler and preschool-aged children.

Most Advent things do start on December 1st, but it’s never too late! Find something you like and can handle, sit your kids down and start talking about the real reason for this season!

2 thoughts on “More on Christmas Contentment

  1. Thanks for sharing “The Christmas Conundrum” article. It was very convicting and encouraging (that you can do things differently). We look forward to establishing more traditions as our family grows and definitely look to y'all as role models!

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