Coats, Coats, Coats

Things in life don’t ever seem to turn out as well as I imagine them. In spite of a yucky rainy day, we loaded the kids up and went to the bazaar in search of coats.
Of course everything had already gone wrong this morning– baby with a fever, kids fighting, parents speaking unkind words to each other. Ain’t that always the way it goes when you’re trying to be a “good Christian” and do something like buy 14 coats to send to poor children who live in a cold, snowy, devastated place? That’s how it seems to go for us anyway…
I think Hubby’s face says it all here. But doesn’t he look like St. Nick with his big bag o’ coats?
We got 14 coats. We actually ended up having more than $100 to spend on coats. When I blogged yesterday, two people wanted me to buy a couple of coats from them to add in, so the blessing multiplies. God is good.
(I totally realize the picture of the coats is oriented wrong, and usually I would so care, but I just don’t today. If you’ve ever dragged three kids- one sick- to the outdoor bazaar in the rain after a horrible night’s sleep, you understand. Ahem.) 

In spite of the rain and the bad moods, we shared some sweet conversation with the kids about why we were buying so many coats and where they were going to go. 
Ladybug promptly burst into tears and said, “I don’t want to go to Van!” I think she thought we were cancelling our trip to America for Christmas and heading to Van to deliver the coats instead. After that misunderstanding was cleared up, she was very happy to help get the coats.
And I may still be a little disappointed that I didn’t win an iPad… but how can I be anything but joyful that he will have a coat this week?

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