Mid-Week Momfessions

Last week all three kids had strep throat.

Strep throat is like my kryptonite. I swear, I can hear that some random person, I have never even met has strep throat and BAM! I’m in the bed feeling like death. Cross my heart- it’s been that way as long as I remember.
And no sooner were we kinda sorta maybe on the upswing this week when it’s like we have this nasty head cold- coughs, snot, low fevers, more snot, headaches, sinus aches, and snot. Lots of snot.
And when weeks are passing like this- wave after wave of something- there is not even a thought of cooking healthy family meals, preparing stunningly awesome family devotions, writing copious amounts of amazing blog posts- it’s more like I have to make it through this sickness alive, if I die Ladybug will never go in public with her hair brushed again because OH MY GOODNESS if it doesn’t seem to bother Hubby that he’s walking out the door to take the kids to school and her hair looks like a commune for a colony of rats (again).

Can I be honest that that is really one of my main fears about my own premature death? Does that make me shallow?

One thought on “Mid-Week Momfessions

  1. It does not make you shallow – it makes you MOM – ha! My fear is that my hubby would fall asleep at any certain time leaving my child to fend for themselves in the house (and mismatched clothes of course).

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