I seem to find our third-born in a lot of naughty messy interesting circumstances lately. Tonight I walked into the kitchen to find this– unlucky for me, he’s learned how to climb up to the table by himself, so nothing is “safe” by just setting it up on the table. 
One night Doodlebug walked into the living room chowing on a lollipop he had fished out of the trash that was covered in hair. (And that’s not the only instance when I’ve discovered Doodlebug eating from the trash.)
I swear, I feed this kid three meals a day plus snacks!
Another day recently, I was sitting on the couch, and he walked up and put the toilet cleaning brush on my lap with a triumphant grin. After gagging, and washing all of his extremities (and mine), I declared that the bathroom doors must be kept SHUT so that Doodlebug could not access the limitless “toys” bathrooms contain.

Good thing he’s cute.

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