…is just crazy with the loop-de-loops and whoop-de-doops and it feels like a giant roller coaster that for a nano second seems like it will slow down but then WHOA! it speds right back up and then flips you upside-down. And you want to toss your cookies.

After the move, I was sans Internet for a week, and although the first few days I had this horrible feeling that I was missing an important email (who am I kidding?) or a super wow status on Facebook (again, who am I kidding?) I felt this immense FREEDOM. Imagine this, I was actually able to fold all the laundry and empty the dishwasher and vacuum and put things away in my new house. All in one day!

And you guys, I’ve been reading BOOKS. Some real live with-pages books, and some Kindle books. But I’ve read all 7 Harry Potters (again) and almost all of Real Marriage and some of Feminine Appeal. And I’ve been keeping up with my Bible reading plan (which usually I’ve ditched by February because I’m behind already!) It’s like a whole-new me! Seriously, I haven’t read this much since Ladybug was born, and I have missed it!

Yup, so now I’m all convicted about what a TIME SUCK the interwebs are, and y’all know I’m right. Right? Right?! Seriously- between email and blogging and Google Reader and Facebook and Pinterest and Words With Friends think of all the valuable time I’m choosing to pour into cyberspace that I’ll never get back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing anything drastic like cancelling my Facebook yet… but I’m am more conscious about my time online now… especially when I start to wonder why the laundry’s not folded or the dishwasher’s not empty…

I will say that being a Muggle is hard work. Can you even wrap your mind around how useful spells like “Accio _____” would be for a mom? Or how Mrs. Weasley does some configurations with her wand and the vegetables start chopping themselves for dinner. Amazing!  If only I had a wand! I guess I just need to get off the Internet and start doing my Muggle mom work by hand…

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