And then I passed out and my iPod fell in the toilet.

True story. (Caution: bodily function words ahead.)

We spent the weekend sharing a stomach virus– as all good-mannered families do every year or so. Sunday was my day. I woke to a rumbly tummy, and made my way to the bathroom. I took my iPod touch because sometimes with tummy troubles, you have to ummm, you know, sit for a little while. I thought I could catch up on emails and Facebook happenings.

My tummy couldn’t make up it’s mind and I felt like I was gonna toss my cookies, so I put my iPod on a shelf in the bathroom and flushed and got ready to throw up. The vomit never came but I started feeling light-headed and my vision was clouded with waves of black.

I called out for Hubby, who couldn’t hear me over the dryer noise and the music he was playing. I stood up (I think- it gets foggy here) with the intention of making it back to the safety of my bed and that’s all I remember.

Apparently I passed out and pulled the towel bar down with me. Somehow I hit my foot wrong (it ached the whole rest of the day) and in the process of not-so-gracefully falling out, I knocked the shelf holding my iPod and in some random, we-couldn’t-make-it-happen-again-if-we-tried turn of events, my iPod fell kerplunk! straight in the toilet. (Which was thankfully clean water since I had flushed before attempting to throw up!)

Hubby helped me into bed, and saw my iPod in the toilet. He acted quickly getting it out and Googling what he should do to resuscitate it. What did people do before Google?! He didn’t tell me until later where he had discovered my poor iPod.

I am happy to announce that submerging the iPod in rice in a closed tupperware and placing it on the radiator for two days worked for my iPod. It dried out and works perfectly again. And I’ve learned my lesson about taking electronic devices in the bathroom, I’ll just stick with magazines for any prolonged stay!

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