Roll With It

Crap happens in motherhood.

And not just the kind that you give a bath for after it explodes out of a diaper. Stuff just happens in motherhood. It will always happen. Something will always being happening in motherhood to grow me, stretch my boundaries, make me uncomfortable, and bring me to my knees.
It’s OK. I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to be.
For sure my 17 month old will learn to climb to the top bunk without help the day Hubby goes out of town. (True story.)
Definitely, someone will start running a fever/coughing/vomiting/having diarrhea 10 minutes after you remark that your entire family has been healthy for a week.
Certainly your oldest child will ask a question that will lead into a discussion that sits uncomfortably close to the birds and the bees territory when you’re the least prepared for it.
Absolutely someone will fall down and get hurt during the game that the kids invented themselves. Stitches may be required.
Your youngest child will absolutely lose it and start screaming while everyone in church is trying to take the Lord’s Supper peacefully.
Of course, (fill in the blank) will cost more than you thought.
Surely there is a note in the backpack asking you to make/do/bring/help with XY and Z.
If you’re gonna be a mom, you’ve got to just be mentally prepared that something is going to happen today (and every day thereafter that someone calls you “Mom”) that will take you out of your comfort zone. But you gotta roll with it– grin and clean it up /talk it out/ fix it up/ pay for it/ drive it anyway/ give it away/ make it/ bake it/ deliver it/ repair it/ask for help and laugh about it. Never forget to laugh about it. That’s key in rolling with the motherhood punches.
And look at the bright-side… the uh-ohs of motherhood make for great blog posts!

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