My heart is bursting today… we have been officially accepted by Hopscotch Adoptions as prospective parents! They deemed us acceptable to work with to help us bring Lovebug home! We are beyond thrilled… our eyes are a bit dazed with all the $ signs we are seeing for our agency and our home study next month, but we are trusting our Big, Amazing, All Powerful, Mighty God to provide the way for Lovebug to join her forever family!

Recently I was reading Genesis 22, and was just blown away by Abraham’s faith in the Lord’s provision. We certainly don’t have the money to bring Lovebug home in the bank right now, but sometimes I think God calls us to something bigger than us for bigger, better purposes than we could even imagine. If we could write a check and simply hand it over, somehow we would miss out– God is able to provide. God is ready to provide, and He is allowing us this chance to trust Him, for our own benefit, our own blessing.

I am hopeful. And amazed. And excited about what will happen next.

We’re coming Lovebug…

One thought on “Accepted!

  1. Great news!!! Happy to hear you're moving forward. And just trust that He will provide. He was so faithful to us to provide all that we needed this far, and I'm confident He will be faithful to complete it. Just sit back and watch what He will do. Excited for you guys as you experience the Lord's faithfulness in new ways, the one who calls you is faithful and He will do it!

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