Take me away

Our sweet, precious friends shooed us out the door– we kissed and hugged and kissed the kids and finally got on our way. The open road was beckoning. 

Dinner was lovely. Two adults talking about this and that. I didn’t have to cut anyone’s food in smaller bites. No one spilled anything. No one made loud, fake bodily noises to get their siblings to laugh. No one fought. No one cried dramatically about what they were being asked to eat. It was quiet, it was enjoyable, it was refreshing.

The open sky and the crystal blue water called out to us and we meandered down the harbor on foot enjoying more uninterrupted conversation about everything and nothing in particular.

Ben & Jerry’s was overpriced, but it’s a special treat when you live overseas. We indulged. Happy Anniversary to us.

And when you add in the view and the company, that ice cream was worth a lot more than money.

We walked back along the harbor, and out onto the beach. There was no hurry. No baths to give. No pajamas to wrestle onto struggling bodies. No cups of water to deliver. No one to tuck in.

We slept. And slept. And slept until 9:30 this morning!!!!! No pitter-patter of feet at O dark thirty ready for the day. No rumpled spirits from bad dreams to soothe. No missing pacifier in the night. Just sleep. Blissful sleep!

We showered and ate and packed our few things back into the bag and headed home. Talking and singing and pointing out the sights the whole way. A break is so nice. But it’s also nice to come back to the hugging and rough-play and off-key singing and kitchen dance parties and spilled milk and Blue’s Clues and lost lovies and hand-drawn pictures and boys smelling like sweat. And even the loud, fake bodily noises.


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