29 for 29

In April I turned 29. I’m not sure why, but as I thought about it I got a little panic-y. I guess because next year I’ll turn… 29 again. And thus begins a new part of my life when instead of wishing to be older, I’ll start wishing the other direction.

I made a little list of 29 things I wanted to do/accomplish/read/learn while I’m 29. It’s really amazing what comes out of your heart when you ask If I could do ANYTHING this year, what would it be? Some of them are quite practical (teach my 5 year old how to read, so she can enjoy the written word as much as her mom), and some of them are more whimsical (write a book).

But I’m only 29 once, and whimsical is completely acceptable. And maybe even possible.

I thought I would blog my list, but I’ve kinda grown fond of it as I’ve scratched ideas and added others and wondered about the possibilities. And maybe it’s just for me right now.

Honestly I wasn’t sure how much I would actually try to do, as a mom of littes straying far from the nest isn’t always wise prudent doable. And with laundry and dishes and sticky floors, sometimes the crazy dreams in the heart of a mom seem worlds away…

Today I pulled out my new sewing machine (learning is on my list), and a friend showed me a little bit to get me started… And during naptime I pulled up an online tutorial and made a pillow. And it’s a little crooked and it’s completely beautiful and I love it and I’m so happy to be doing and learning and growing. Watch out, Pinterest! This girl has a sewing machine and she’s knows how to use it (OK, OK, she’s learning at least!)

Last night I grabbed my iPod (loaded with the C25K app), and hit the road with Justin Bieber. (Yes, I have Bieber fever.) I am not a runner. My usual mantra is Don’t run unless being chased by a large animal or running to catch the ice cream truck. Amen. And I’m not sure what possessed me (except being tired of feeling like I have a yucky mommy body…hmmm….OK, completely acceptable motivation) but it felt great to hit the road and work up a sweat. Except, of course, when I felt like I was going to die from running. I’m sure that will ease up as I stick with it though. Right? RIGHT? So I’m off the couch and working toward a 5K (or more?) Watch out world, I’m loose with my tennis shoes and an iPod full of teeny-bopper music.

29 is completely fabulous. I’m looking for the opportunities and doing things I never thought I would could. I’m pushing myself, and believing that my dreams are important too. And, from here, it’s looks like they are completely attainable!

What’s on your bucket list? What do you want to do before your next birthday?

2 thoughts on “29 for 29

  1. this is supes happy. and a) i can’t wait to see what you make with that machine! b) running WILL get better, and whatever music it takes is totally worth it! i have tons of great christian rap if you ever need any more good beat type stuff (;

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