It’s not lawful for me to copy another blogger’s post word for word, so to read my exact thoughts pertaining to blogging right now please read this.

Yes, yes, yes, YES! That is me. I started out 31 Days of blogging about Grace last month with full intentions of meditating and sharing thoughts about grace every day. But in true-to-me-style, I didn’t finish.

It’s just that instead of blogging I found myself perfecting my cup of Turkish coffee, walking the kids home from school, emailing back and forth with our adoption agency, talking with my husband about this and that, planning for our upcoming time in the States, composing emails, praying for wisdom and direction and clarity, running for my forthcoming 8K (ACK!), filling out adoption paperwork (OHMYWORDWILLITEVEREND?)… Life just kinda happens and before I know it, I only blogged 4 days out of 31, I’m three chapters behind for my book group, and the laundry has piled up again.

But that’s OK. One day I’ll have oodles of time to write and blog, and I’ll wish I had babies to build block towers with and laundry to fold.

via Your Homebased Mom

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