WIWW: Momfessions Edition

Y’all, for the most part since hitting my late 20s, I have done very well with getting “dressed” for the day. I started to care about choosing cute accessories, I learned how to pluck my eyebrows, I fell head over heels in love with scarves and I enjoy putting outfits together that make me feel pretty for my husband.

I love seeing all the beautiful clothes people outfitize (outfitize: creating an outfit) each week for WIWW, and I agree that we should cultivate both inner and outer beauty for our sweet husbands, but in the spirit of Momfessions, I just wanna show you what I wore yesterday:ImageIt’s not what I planned to wear, of course. I planned to change from these jammies to exercise duds and get to work with my personal trainer, Jillian. Then I planned to shower and dress in a cute, appropriate-for-chasing-preschooler-around-library-story-time outfit, tuck a scarf around my neck, stuff a sippy cup in my bag and look like a mommy with a plan.

Instead fever happened, temper tantrums happened, puke happened, baths happened, holding babies happened, meals (barely) happened… ya know, life kinda happened.

And then I got into bed without even changing my jammies.

If you’re a mom struggling through the day today– no makeup, no special hair do, and definitely no cute accessories (besides a baby on your hip), live in grace today. Feel the Father’s love shining down and enveloping you right where you sit. Your children, your role as mommy are so precious to Him and His grace is sufficient. Even today. Even without mascara.


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