Random Schmattering

  • Is the “March doldrums” a thing for anyone but me? Yeaaaa….
  • Stinkbug starts T-ball this weekend. It’s his first organized sport activity. I hope all goes well…
  • Ladybug is enjoying her time in public school and I kinda find myself anxious to get back to homeschooling. For a myriad of reasons, I am thankful we will be doing home education for now.
  • Adoption… I need to do a FAQs post soon… stay tuned.
  • Google Reader is dying. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I’ve always used GR to keep up with my blogs, so I feel a little out of my element to figure out something new. So this morning was spent drinking coffee and moving my subscriptions to Bloglovin. If you need some new way to read your blog feed, you can follow me there:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  • And that’s all I can muster this Friday morning. I’m off to exercise (bah!) and coerce the kids into real clothes before we venture into town… Happy Weekend!

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