What Great Dads Do

Great dads teach their boys how to pee outside. They drink tea from little cups alongside stuffed animals and dolls. They take their daughters on witholiviadates and strap on backpacks to camp with their sons. They tear up when handed a fresh bundle of newborn baby, understanding the great magnitude and responsibility of this title, Daddy.atzoo

They read books until their voices are gone and have tough conversations with their children when necessary. They sit and eat dinner with their families, even if the game’s on, even if there’s a ton of unfinished work at the office, even if they have a better offer to be out with friends.

They give piggy backs and horsey rides and shoulder rides and any other torturous form of ride that their kids create. They hold the back of the bike and run behind until confidence soars and they can let go.

They are firm, gentle, loving, disciplined, strong, compassionate, playful,  and hardworking.

superheroThey are superheroes.

Great dads are seen at recitals, competitions, ceremonies, games of all kinds. They will be smiling big and sporting a video camera in their dominant hand. They cheer the loudest and clap the hardest.

Great dads play games. Lots of games. And they never win. But cheer heartily when sparkling young eyes ask,


“Did I win daddy?” Great daddies change diapers and attempt pigtails. They accept hand-drawn scribbles as if they are worthy of a museum. Their desks are full of framed pictures of their families. They can fix anything with duct tape or super glue.

Great dads wrestle their boys and teach them how to strike out withbaseball honor. They help perfect techniques for jump shots and scoring goals and dribbling toward the end of the soccer field. They pitch, catch, pass, teach, coach, assist, and help with unmatched perseverance.

Great dads serve cupcakes at birthday parties, squirt ketchup on hot cupcakesdogs, and sometimes dress up to make the party more fun. They are  on ice cream cone duty, cleaning up the drips and finishing the soggy bites no one else will eat.

Great daddies carry the heaviest load, they drive in the darkest hours when everyone else is asleep. They keep the closets clean from monsters and the cars running with oil changes and steering fluids (and honestly I don’t know what else is involved with the upkeep of a vehicle…)

readingGreat dads read the Bible to their family. And lead them in worship songs and pray for them every day. They quote verses after scary dreams and they patiently teach and exhort their kids to love the Lord.

They hold hands and kiss boo boos and horse ridegive band aids and dry tears. They listen. They love. They pack diaper bags and push strollers and tell bedtime stories and build sand castles and wear babies.

They’re always there helping and serving and loving and enjoying their families in so many small and big ways.

Great dads do.going camping

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