Would You Rather?

I interrupt this blogging hiatus (also known as: life in the motherhood trenches) to bring you a real life dilemma I’m having:

Every summer I get dandruff. I think it’s because I live in a hot, dry place. So I start using dandruff shampoo and BAM! my hair begins falling out like mad. Think: post-baby hair leaving the scalp en mass. (En masse?) Just whatever, man.

So… Would you rather have dandruff all summer, or your hair falling out in clumps? Be honest.

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather?

  1. Oh girl this is quite the dilemma!!! As a fellow sufferer I think the itching would make me crazy (does yours itch? Ugh mine does if not treated!) but going hairless isn’t a great option either. If its only for the summer I guess I’d keep my hair and deal w dandruff. Sorry friend! No fun. 😦

    (FYI I use Tgel only 3x a week. It’s been the only solution for me.)

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