31 Days of Soul Coffee for Moms

Last year I started October with a plan to blog for 31 days straight about grace. I made it four days before life took over and my blog went radio silent for the rest of the month.

I want to pick up where I left off because I think a month of exploring grace and faith would be like coffee for my soul.

It took me three children to appreciate the wonder that is a morning cup of coffee (or three) I have always loved the way coffee smelled, but never thought its taste was equivalent to the glorious scent.

Doddlebug changed all that.

I can’t do without my morning cuppa now. A little sugar and a splash (OK, OK, more like a tidal wave) of creamer and I am ready to face the day.

Coffee readies my physical body each morning; my soul also needs some spiritual coffee each day to get going. When I start the day with reading my Bible and praying, I feel more ready to handle whatever will come my way through the day. During the next 31 days, I want to give you a little Soul Coffee. Some days it may be a straight shot of espresso, other days it might be a foamy latte to linger over. But I want to give you a little jolt to get you thinking about things above–to get you ready to face the day.

Would you join me for:

soul coffee for momsFind more 31 Days at The Nester.

31 Days of Soul Coffee for Moms

Day 1: Gently Led

Day 2: Don’t Give Up

Day 3: Troubles = New Mercies

Day 4: Children are a Gift

Day 5: Got Wisdom?

Day 6: Yet I Will Rejoice

Day 7: God’s Nearness is my Good

Day 8: Be Glad

Day 9: The Importance of Kindness

Day 10: Drenched in Grief

Day 11: Resting in God

Day 12: Undeserving

Day 13: Come Weary

Day 14: How to Pray for Yourself

Day 15: Substitute Sacrifice

Day 16: I Corinthians 13 for Moms

Day 17: Suffering

Day 18: How to Begin to Pray

Day 19: We Serve a Powerful God

Day 20: Divine Support

Day 21: Our Hope

Day 22: True Joy

Day 23: Getting Clean

Day 24: The Heart of the Matter

Day 25: Contentment

Day 26: Be Still

Day 27: Psalm 145:8

Day 28: Count Your Blessings

Day 29: How to Get Fruit

Day 30: Pray about Everything

Day 31: Clothe Yourself Well

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