Day 1: Gently Led

soulcoffeegraphicWhen I became a mother, I was blessed to be able to stay home with my baby. I (delusional-ly) thought I would have a lot of “free” time being home with her—I expected to do in-depth Bible studies and spend plenty of time each day in concentrated prayer. I wanted to cook awesome meals and keep the house in good-shape.

I went from caring for 20+ second graders– planning lessons, teaching all day, grading papers, filling out report cards, attending meetings– to staying home all day with a nine pound little one. And it whooped me. I went from juggling everything a teacher’s day demands to barely being able to shower and keep my little one in spit-up free clothes.

The first time I came across Isaiah 40:11 during that time, I felt like the words had been penned as a special promise for me as a new mom.

“He will tend his flock like a shepherd;

He will gather the lambs in his arms;

He will carry them in his bosom,

And gently lead those that are with young.”

When I read this, I felt validated in how hard motherhood felt. And comforted by the promise that Our Great Shepherd would gently lead those who have young.

Are you overwhelmed today by your to-do list? Are you tired of nursing 24/7? Are you so over the laundry and the sticky floors? Sit down in the quiet wherever you can find it and think about the promise of Isaiah 40:11. Picture the Shepherd gently guiding the sheep with little ones. Take comfort in the Shepherd’s gentle leading of moms with young kids.

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