Dear Girl at the Park // Letters Day 3

Dear Girl at the Park,31days2014

You are maybe two and a half years old and just so darn cute. You don’t talk much, but you sure tugged my heart strings yesterday.

The kids and I pulled out our sandwiches and apple wedges at the park and you sauntered over to our bench to check us out. I passed you a handful of fish crackers and I’m pretty sure you were absolutely sold on me after that 🙂 (I love living in a culture where handing out snacks to other peoples’ kids doesn’t make me a creeper.)

You watched Lady, Stink, and Doodle carefully, mesmerized by their play. You toddled after them and then chased yourself back to the bench where I sat watching my kids. You maneuvered yourself up beside me and watched from my side for a little bit. I couldn’t help wondering if you look like our Lovebug. I’ve never seen her face, so I don’t know.

Maybe she’s two just like you– or maybe she’s six and she once looked just like you do now, with dark brown ringlets and almost black eyes. I hope I know soon.

I loved imagining her with yesterday afternoon as I kept looking up and counting heads (job hazard) and I was always counting four. I can’t wait until I can count to four– and know they’re all really, truly mine.

1014052_10101345778261668_6455611823664079662_nThanks for the precious little glimpse into the future. I loved meeting you at the park yesterday.

Just a Crazy Mama,


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