Dear Doodlebug // Letters Day 7

Dear Doodlebug,

Happy Birthday, baby boy! I cannot believe you are FOUR YEARS OLD!


You are so special. I love your sweet little sense of humor and your squinty-eyed smile that lights up a room. You are a loyal friend and you are so passionate about the things you care about.

I pray that as we share the good news of the Gospel with you, that it would take root in the soil of your heart and it would produce fruit in your life 30, 60, and 100-fold. May your life bring glory to Jesus, sweet Jack. For all of life truly is about Him.

I love being your mom. I love your sweet kisses. I love how you call me Mama Llama. I love when we argue about who loves to the moon and back and back around the moon again. I love waking up with you snuggled up on my pillow. I love when you bring me flowers you picked. I love you.

Forever yours,

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